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to be pimp-like, like a pimp
this fly ride is pimperish
by Meagan February 01, 2005
meaning like: (tiight)
those new kicks is pimperish.
by papapezzy August 21, 2004
ADJ. A quality or posession of or pertaining to that of a PIMP.
That is a pimperish coat. That is a pimperish song.
by iwi August 07, 2003
A word that Danelle made up in Pimp My Ride
That LCD Moniter is pimperish and off the chain.
by RAMSAY211 July 24, 2005
The female version of pimp style. Being able to have something no one else does.
Oh girl, this chandalier in my car is pimperish.
by KT Heri August 02, 2009
An Irish pimp or anybody whoes pimpen in Ireland
Man that Lepecon is such a pimperish