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to be pimp-like, like a pimp
this fly ride is pimperish
by Meagan February 01, 2005
11 1
meaning like: (tiight)
those new kicks is pimperish.
by papapezzy August 21, 2004
13 5
ADJ. A quality or posession of or pertaining to that of a PIMP.
That is a pimperish coat. That is a pimperish song.
by iwi August 07, 2003
9 2
A word that Danelle made up in Pimp My Ride
That LCD Moniter is pimperish and off the chain.
by RAMSAY211 July 24, 2005
9 7
The female version of pimp style. Being able to have something no one else does.
Oh girl, this chandalier in my car is pimperish.
by KT Heri August 02, 2009
1 1
An Irish pimp or anybody whoes pimpen in Ireland
Man that Lepecon is such a pimperish
6 8