what I have to wipe off myself when I go back to my husband in the morning...
Fuck, he got his pimp juice all over my back, my ass, my hair..
by SWHEAT August 25, 2006
The whole thing about the cup stars hold at award shows, thats a pimp cup not pimp juice...pimp juice, or crunk juice goes in the pimp cup
he put his pimp juice in the pimp cup
by Steve December 05, 2004
does NOT refer to anything else
i was really thirsty one night so i decided to open up a bottle of orange pimp juice
by Sevilla=Excellente November 13, 2007
My pimp juice is Dr Josh Thomas.
I'm really horny so I must call my pimp juice at once!
by Berly July 25, 2004
sperm so perfect the bitches can sense it from a mile away.
"She only want me for my pimp juice"
"The hoes come runnin afta my pimp juice"
by Jessica February 01, 2004
Pimp juice: The white and sometimes chunky secretion which winds up on your mirror after popping a large pimple.
It is the main ingredient in the greatly sought after energy drink "Pimp Juice"

guy 1 : *is about to pop a pimple in front of friends mirror
guy 2: "what the fuck do you think you're doing"
guy 1: "popping a pimple..."
guy 2: "no, get the fuck out, you'll get your pimp juice on my mirror"
by Molotov0 March 08, 2009
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