Player In a Management Profession
baseball player, basketball player, man-whore, pimp, or african-american elder
by JEVJR March 22, 2008
one who first applies baby powder before back hand slapping his bitches and hoes
That pimp slapped his hoe when she didn't make his money
by Nancy and Yasmine October 28, 2007
(multipurpose) Anything that helps you get a "lady"
(1) My outline for Property is Pimp. (Because in law school outlines can help you get girls)

(2) I have a pimp ass suit. (not making reference to the normal conception of a pimp suit being a classic purple pimp suit, but as a reference to the suit being a utility to enhance one's ability to get the ladies, the color and style is immaterial, so long as it assists in getting one step closer to the opposite sex.)
by Big EASumo December 16, 2006
1) Usually means a man who keep an eyes on hoes
2) Make better
1) Dude_1: Hey man, that hoe looks really nice, let's fuck her
Dude_2: No we don't have enough money to afford it
Dude_1: Anyway, she's defenseless
Dude_2: I guess her pimp is a bully...

2) Pal, your vehicle is obsolete, let's pimp it
by matal December 17, 2005
1. Male homo sapien who collects money from females that perform sexual acts for monetary payment (see whore).

2. Male homo sapien who has good success in accumulating a large number of sexual partners, sometimes but not always through playing upon said female's insecurities.
1. "Bitch, give me my money!"

2. "So...... Wanna get drunk?"
by spoonie g June 30, 2004
A male slut.
For some reason that I can't understand, the more sex he gets the more pimpin' he is, but for a female it's about the opposite.
"Look, he's getting it from all the girls. A true pimp."
"Fuck that, there's no difference between him and that whore."
by N/A October 29, 2003
1. A man who whores out other bitches for money and favors
2. The action of looking pimp (looking "phat" or "tight" "dope")
3.The action whoring out bitches for money and favors
THe Pimp started his Pimpdom by spending 11 hours aday on the computer!
by harry nedden July 27, 2003

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