The only boy in a group of girls or the only girl in a group of boys.
girl 1: what were you doing last night?
girl 2: i was with a bunch of boys.
girl 1: alone? what a pimp.
by wazzaaaappp March 20, 2010
The ending of my favourite joke
What do you call a fart in a fur jacket? A pimp.
by ilovelamp.x October 16, 2009
I do what I want, and I don't take shit from nobody. -Steve
I'm a muthafuckin' pimp.
by Fuuckerr September 19, 2009
Male who has a purple jacket and purple
glasses with gold rings and
big piles of money in his hands.
Also, sells sexual intercourses to men (with women ofcourse).

A pimp can be found with lots of girls circuling him and optionally a huge bodyguard.
This pimp is blinding me with his stack of cash.
by Eli Sherer November 13, 2003
to plow the fields, generally in rural upstate New York.
Antoine is out on the back 40, pimping for potatoes and tomotoes.
by Iced Out Amish October 21, 2003
Portugue In Managing Putinhas
yo that guee is a pimp... oh wait... hes spanish... fag
by Jared September 19, 2003
This is an incredibly smart business man who has found a way to make money by simply selling the youth of young women. This is frowned upon in public but envied in private. there are different types of pimpin such as:

The real pimp: the pimp that keeps it real and keeps his pimp hand strong and his ho's under control.

The fake pimp: the white guy that grew up in the ghetto that likes to pretend his mom is his bitch
The super pimp: the man who has achieved the point in pimpin that allows him to be looked up at and still sustain a large amount of bitches in his arsenal of all shapes and sizes.
Real pimp: Katt williams a small pimp that is good at what he does and proud
Fake pimp: Vanilla Ice
Super pimp: Tiger woods.
by Pimp DAddi PePpa December 07, 2010

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