matt tomasello
i want to have sex with that pimp'sello
by jay January 18, 2004
Top Definition
1. One who gets all the ladies with ease.

2. He doesn't really have to try. The ladies just naturally come to him.

3. When asked if he is sexy, he simply looks in the mirror and says, "Oh Yeah!".
Check out that kid! He's sooo pimp'sello!
by Pimp'sello January 17, 2004
One who is Matt Tomasello.
You can't have that pimp'sello, he's mine!
by Bossman January 19, 2004
1. A sex attic.
He went out with her, got his pimp'sello on, decideded she wasn't good enough, and found a better piece of ass more worthy of the Great Pimp God that is Matt Tomasello. Also known as Jay Hasset. Peace out...
by Pimp'sello Himself January 20, 2004
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