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A term used to describe someone who is extremely intoxicated on alcohol, and is in the ghetto.
Yo son, we be pilt up in this joint.
Yo we be gettin pilt like woah.
by Gregory Lipshits April 14, 2005
31 53
1. to be extremely intoxicated.
2. one who is under the influence of alcohol.
3. drunk
"lets get pilt"
"just right pilt"
by jenn September 23, 2004
153 106
To be incredible intoxicated or high
Dude 1: Aye man lets get pilt

Dude 2: Im already there man
by 6969Bear6969 December 09, 2010
38 8
its origin is from the streets of MARRERO, when you go to the club, go to another club, go home and shower, and then go to another club...then your pilt-hammered drunk
me and ma sons from marrero was in the hangar last night pilt
by marrero kingpin November 22, 2009
68 46
Person I'd Like To Stab

Kudos to Christina Applegate in "The Rocker"
You're a PILTS.
by ThomShank August 26, 2009
12 3
1. intoxicated 2. really drunk
"I'm pilt"
by Haley M. Policht May 26, 2004
69 65
When someone is fairly drunk but can still think rationally. Pilt happens to be an acronym. Pretty Intoxicated Like Totes.
I had a good time last night, I was pilt but not wasted. Only a minor hangover for me this morning!
by Sandra Dee 293 August 11, 2013
4 3
An individual who is an obvious meth user.
Shirly needs to quit smoking speed. She was hot, but recently she looks pretty pilt.
by dokuhaku2323 July 16, 2009
40 49