A lazy individual
you're such a pilt
by Jonathan May 02, 2004
A term used to describe someone who is extremely intoxicated on alcohol, and is in the ghetto.
Yo son, we be pilt up in this joint.
Yo we be gettin pilt like woah.
by Gregory Lipshits April 14, 2005
Pretty Intelligent looking tall guy
My student is such a PILT
by Tomeko January 26, 2007
A person who has ceased to live.
'Why is this a piece of literature and not a ten penny novel for the every day pilt?' (Urbina, Joel (2008) Aria e Sol: or The Aria e Sol Activity Book)
by Michel Hoffa February 29, 2008
To fool someone. To trick them into believeing something thats not correct. Its the more hip thing to say rather then saying "NOT"
Jen-I did my homework
Jen-No I just pilted your dome.
by afool September 11, 2007
A worthless being, someone who is a waste of oxygen.
That pilt's mother should've aborted him.
by sowit wtdhp October 16, 2005
its a comedown that you feel after being drunk or high off of anything. you feel pilt, or pilty
'man, im pilt' or 'im feelin pilty'
by babyyy December 10, 2006

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