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People who are overly melodramatic.

An example is a person who believes that everything you need is love, then gets a crush, hugs a pillow, and say that it's "true love" already, even when only two weeks have passed. Then they break up after a few months, saying that they're not meant to be. Then she's seen with another guy, or at least has rumors about her liking another guy.

So much for "love takes time", and ironically, they love saying that too.

And, when asked what love is, they give out crappy definitions like "Love is blind, love is pure" or "Love is life", which aren't even definitions.

Some even say that "Love can't be defined, and that's it", But, they themselves claim to know if they're in love, even though they can't define it.

Another example is someone who thinks that just because she had a crush on a person for a long time, it's love, and goes to her bedroom to hug a pillow and blush like hell.

Freaking TV character wannabes.
Pillow hugger: OMG HE IS SOO CUTE! OMG IT'S LOVE! *hugs pillow*

Your mom's a pillow hugger.

Freaking pillow huggers.
by HRoufal February 09, 2007
A night of excessive drug and/or alchol use that precipatates an act or acts of uninhibited and intoxicated indiscretion. The word "pillow hugger" refers to the moment when one, now sober on the following morning, awakens after such a night, recalls his drunken behavior, and then hugs and burys his face in his pillow in shame.
That Russian Vodka always leads to a pillow hugger. And sometimes leads to a trip to the STD clinic. I'm gettin' to old for that shit, bro'. So I think I'll just stick with the Chateau Latrine tonight.
by Marc Lang June 05, 2004
when two lesbians have sex ond one of them does nothing at all but get pleasure
the one that does nothing is a pillow hugger
lesbian 1: why are you dating that hoe..she is just a pillow hugger!

lesbian 2: i dont care...i love her...and her pussy is always so wet and yummy...and her moaning makes up for what i dont get
by rawr grr December 31, 2007
Usually someone under 18 who, when having a sex dream, hump their pillows.
Timmy:"Dad, Mom, I'm a pillow hugger"

Dad: "Your Dead to me!"
Mom: *Weeping*
by A.J.W.R August 28, 2010

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