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those awesome little red dents/marks you get in your face from the creases in your pillow after taking a nap or sleeping
person 1: dude, did you just wake up from a nap?
person 2: yeah... how'd you know?
person 1: you've got a serious pillow face.
person 2: aw, crap.
#pillow #face #nap #sleep #crease
by mmm...yes August 18, 2009
A woman who has had so much filler injected into her face that it begins to resemble a pillow. They do this because they think that full lips and cheeks make them look younger, but in reality they look like bloated alcoholics.
Pillow face celebrities: Madonna, Priscilla Presley, Nicole Kidman, Courtney Love, Kylie Minogue, Madonna
#plastic surgery #botox #trout pout #collagen #injection
by Shelley Rogers December 27, 2011
a girl who usually has a nice body, but her face is so ugly, the only way you could have sex with her, and keep an erection, would be the doggie style position with her face smashed into the pillow. also see butter face
dayyyyummm that girl has a pillow face.
#ugly #butter #face #doggie #pillow
by julian543 April 21, 2006
Pillow face - Adj. used to describe ones face after sleeping so hard that the imprint of the pillow is embedded onto your face. It lasts at least an hour after waking unless followed by a hot shower.
#bedhead #bedhair #bedface #sleepface #tatoo
by slightlydramatic February 11, 2010
A symptom of too much fucking. Mostly in the doggy-style position where the guy pushes the girls face into a pillow and proceeds to plow away, either anally or vaginally. The girl, loving every minute simply cannot move her head from the pillow creating creases in her face. Thus, a pillowface.

See also, pillowbiter
Ex. Dude, I gave your sister mad pillowface last night.
#pillowface #pillow face #plow #doggy-style #anal #vaginal #face
by poorfellow June 14, 2009
When someone has drunk vast quantities of alcohol, especially red wine, the previous evening and they wake up with a swollen and bloated face, you might say they had a pillow face. Note: the swollen face can only be achieved after many years of prolonged and daily drinking.
Rory woke up one morning after a heavy night on the red wine - and the rest - and looked in the mirror and was shocked by the state of his swollen pillow face, he seemed like a feline stranger even to himself!
#pillow #face #alcoholic #deviant #rotter #red wine #feline #90 years old
by Rory Lafferty October 29, 2007
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