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Pensioner I'd like to fuck
Have you been down the WI today? Blimey! Have I?! There's loads of Pilf!
by Andrew Broadhurst & Jasmin September 02, 2007
9 28
pledge i'd like to fuck
erin from APO sure is a pilf
by pilf#2 November 15, 2006
11 31
verb, to steal something in a feendish way simply to laugh at his/her misfortune.
I robbed his trousers while he was swimming, hes going to have to walk around all day without any on, HAHAHA.
by Sean March 28, 2004
2 22
Persian i'd like to fuck
A: Ohh, look at flora!
B: Yeah, what a PILF!!!
A: yeah, lets bang her
by haakki March 08, 2007
25 46
1)Principal I'd Like to Fuck
2)a principal you would see and say "get a leg up"
The only reason I go to school is to see PILF
by Cory November 16, 2003
6 27
Politician I'd Love to Fuck
Sarah Palin is a PILF
by Justin October 03, 2008
7 29
Play-station I Would Like to Fuck
That Ps2 is a major PILF!!
by S-Bert August 23, 2006
28 50