a pikelet, a small, flat doughy mass which takes approximately 0 I.Q. points to make and cook. even being called a pancake is a lesser insult, as pancakes are at least large and filling. a 'pikelet' is an extremely stupid person.

also available in special cases of extreme pikelet worthy behaviour is the "golden pikelet award" only to be awarded in EXTREME cases.
in dialogue at a hardware store:
customer: "hi, do you have any sparks for my angle grinder?"
assistant: "mate, you are a bloody pikelet!"
by daniel martin January 28, 2005
Top Definition
Brummie word for crumpet, as in those round things filled with holes that you spread butter on and eat for breakfast.
(In supermarket)

Brummie: Do you have any pikelets?

Shop Assistant: What the fuck is a pikelet?
by Brummie08 January 20, 2009
A diminutive term for one who pikes, a female Piker.
dialogue while discussing a social event:

pikelet: I don't think I'll make it tonight, I have to wash my hair
friend: You little pikelet!
by pikelet February 28, 2006
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