Piitb, pronounced in the verble form, and I quote "Put it in the bum." Other sources claim it is "butt" not "bum" however these people are wrong and childish, whats sounds cooler Butt (eg "Im homo and that girl has couties on her butt) or bum (eg "She has a nice bum, i'd hit it Brian Pepper style.) Piitb actually came from a small section of the internet known as the misc called the misc, found on bb.com also known as bodybuilding.com .
Misc Forum, Thread 3632139.
User 1: Hi, im Brian Peppers!
User 2: O'rly?
User 1: I got in a fight at my grans and mum said your moving with your uncle and auntie in belair.
User 2: I saw that coming.
User 1: Are you aware that I saw that comin
User 2: You see your focusing on thing that arn't important in life...
User 1: Piitb? (no homo)
by 06Starter January 21, 2007
Top Definition
pittb or "put it in the butt" is a term used for comanding someone to have anal sex.

piitb is from an unknown origin but gained popularity on MustangWorld.com throughout the late 90's and into today.
Take her out to dinner and don't forgot to PIITB.
by Mizzoustud of MustangWorld.com January 22, 2005
Put it in the butt

Formed by acronym on internet communities, generally used in the same manner as "I'd hit it".
Dude, PIITB.
Are you serious -- she let you PIITB?
Hittable, but I'd rather PIITB.
by sholiz January 22, 2005
An acronym meaning "put it in the butt"
yeah i asked sally if she was down for PIITB but she wasnt having it.
by extreme dan July 02, 2006
Put It In The Butt. A term offten used on the popular 3.8mustang.com. The members of this website are notorious for PIITB.
"Mormonstang has a hot sister, I would really like to PIITB!
by Mustang Man June 25, 2006
a term defined and originated by the founder of a popular v6 mustang chat board to signify that he or any other should experience the sensation of violating any described woman's most coveted orifice... aka the doo-doo hole.
myself: Dude, you should see this hoe that I'm bangin'.
naret notsag: Did you piitb?
myself: Oh, DID I!!
by Da Bruiser May 10, 2006
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