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When someone gets hit in the face with a penis or penis like object (dildo) and leaves a mark in the shape of the object.
Like when you get a mushroom tatto, that's getting pig blapped.
by Sasha U. April 17, 2006
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During the event of oral sex, when the man smacks the womans face with his tool, leaving the imprint of his happy-stick.
Brett: Dude, see that mean dick-bruise on Sara's face? Pigblap.
by HugeSpliff69 September 21, 2006
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To mark anothers face with your half flaccid man junk, denoting ownership.
Because of all the incessant emails, matt coulda stuck in tates eye, but instead pigblapped him instead. now hes matts bitch!
by Cartman Emptysak November 19, 2007
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