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1. "big penis" with the P and B switched around.
2. shouted from the hallways of school, this term is used to get major attention with no punishment because you technicially didnt break the "cussing rule".
3. rock band singer (search google)
4. term used as a mild insult or mild compliment, based on the hearer's interpertation.
5. slang used to confuse the listener.
1. I have a pig benis
2. tom shouted, "PIG PENIS" from the hallways of school
4. You pig benis!
5. said to a girl: you have a nice pig benis!
by Rockerrock January 05, 2005
A alternate way of saying "big penis"
She might have tig' ol' bitties, but I got a pig benis.
by BDK August 06, 2003
"secret" code for big penis to confuse people. See also pall smenis
me:hey wrigley i have a pig benis
me:shut up dick i have a pigger benis than thou
by alex October 25, 2004
A comical spoonerism for the phrase "big penis."
sean noticed jared has a very pigbenis and gasped.
by anakin_sc September 11, 2005
a commonly used graffiti marking especially in suburban areas

Originally comes from a fucking dumbass who thought it was an oxymoron for "Big Penis" named Lee Harp
I sprayed pig benis all over that dude's mailbox
by Pig Benis July 15, 2004
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