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in hardcore bands and music the singer will make a squealing sound with his voice which sounds like a pig.
I love this song because of all the pig squeals.
by JamesLee January 04, 2008
A vocal style originating in late 1980's involved with underground grindcore/Brutal Death Metal bands. The style is usually used by either inhaling or exhaling while coarsing your throat to either sound like a high pitched pig squeal, or a low pitched gurgle. Pig squeals have now become a style that is seen more in the light now due to hardcore/metalcore bands that have been recently becoming increasingly popular.
Job for a cowboy definently didn't invent pig squeals, and they suck.
by Blackdragon5151 August 02, 2008
A style of screaming used in metal music - generally comparable to a pig squealing. other similar forms of screaming include Raptor Shrieks and low pitched growls
The singer from Job For A Cowboy uses so many pig squeals!
by PresidentBOB October 28, 2007
Another term for bree. The high pitched scream found in songs by Job For A Cowboy, See You Next Tuesday, etc. Resembles that of a pig squeal.
bree bree bree weet weet rrrrrrr.
Dang, did you see that scene kid just break a pigsqueal? I bet he thinks he's risky.
by m4dis0n April 03, 2008
The sexual act of jamming a metal spring into the tailbone of your partner and fucking them in the ass, causing a unique scream that resembles that of a pig.
On their second anniversary, Nick decided it was a good idea to give his girlfriend Rebecca a pig squeal.
by Rskellington January 31, 2011
The sound of a cop cars sirens, or the sound of a cop eating a donut, or the sound of a cop talking, or the sound of a cop radio.
"Can you hear the pig squeal?"
by Nykotein March 17, 2010
a form of vocalism used by metal bands. usually made by inhaleing but sometimes they are exhaled making the users throat vibrate to create the sound of a pig squealing. the most common thing to say while pig squealing is bree.
DUDE! job for a cow boy has crazy pig squeals!!!
by matt duimie August 19, 2008
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