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That purp by da pound shit From The HiEgTs
Yo man who smoked up all my piffington?????
by CrAcKeD OuT January 27, 2008
25 15
Long confused with a specific strain of marijuana, usually skunk weed, the term piffington actually defines any use of the wonderful marijuana plant.
Andrew "So what are you up to man, sparking up and gaming?"
Rob "Hell yeah my nigga, I'ma be partaking in some piffington and if that bitch ever calls me back hopefully some pumpington yeah!"
Andrew "Pumpington yeah! Just don't fucking start getting all cuffington on her."
by Bachmayne December 14, 2010
5 4
when you smell like you just smoked that dank dank.
Nigga you smell like straight piffington.
by Randizle March 30, 2010
3 7