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Pumpington is a slang term for sex. Whenever one talks about sex the phrase "Pumpington Yeah!" takes it's place.
Rob: "What are you going to do tonight?"
Andrew: "Enjoy myself some Pumpington Yeah!"
Rob: "Pumpington Yeah!"
by Bachmayne July 15, 2008
The lack of understanding of how something works is the proof of god.
The sun goes up, the sun goes down, the tides go in, they go out, this always happens, not one miscommunication. I don't believe we could have lucked out to have something like this. This is the first words of O'Reillyism.
by bachmayne January 08, 2011
Long confused with a specific strain of marijuana, usually skunk weed, the term piffington actually defines any use of the wonderful marijuana plant.
Andrew "So what are you up to man, sparking up and gaming?"
Rob "Hell yeah my nigga, I'ma be partaking in some piffington and if that bitch ever calls me back hopefully some pumpington yeah!"
Andrew "Pumpington yeah! Just don't fucking start getting all cuffington on her."
by Bachmayne December 14, 2010
When a bitch has you captivated to the point that you are putting all of your time and money into her with no hesitation. Some might confuse it with pussy whipped but when a male suffers from cuffington he has the full control to do as he pleases. Just that magical allure of her fantastic vagina keeps him ready to do and spend whatever it may be.
Andrew "Why the fuck are you still even bothering with Ruth?"
Rob "I dunno man, she's just got me. I just can't let it go."
Andrew "Fucking cuffington."
by Bachmayne December 14, 2010

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