a Kilo of coke
20g fo' that pie
by Bo February 27, 2004
an easy task, an easy job
For me, washing clothes is pie.
by The Return of Light Joker January 10, 2009
Pie is a pastry served in slices ...it originated somewhere between the old and new stone ages. Thought to be extinct in the late 1700s. Eli Whitney thusly created the cotton gin witch allegedly was used to separate cottonseed from raw cotton fibers, but more recently was found out to be a device created to biogenetically engineer these sacred pastries known as "Pies" ......it worked...... suddenly there was a mass famine ....but people wouldn't eat the pies ...they argued that the pies were sentient.these revolts were soon crushed.... but there were still a few extremists. After this struggle the Pies as a race were eradicated. After this disaster highly evolved beings conjured pies on a mass level and threw it into the jet stream in witch the pies mystically appeared globally in a span of 3 months
Wow this pie is delicious!!!
this pie is are mighty tasty
by PieGuardian February 05, 2008
AHHH! the ruler of the freaking universe! bow down to ur ultimate leader! PIE! all kinds of pie... I HEART PIE!!!!! the the greastest random word in the fuking galaxy!
ME!: PIE!!! (screams)
Ebony: fuk Dale ur obsesed u bitch, calm down
ME!: ur just JEALOUS because i am PIE-WORTHY!!!
Ebony: yeh well we'd all be happee 4 u if u were a pie... id eat u.. yum
ME!: id eat u 2 bby, id eat u too...
by xXSlightlyOddGirlXx April 07, 2008
Term used to describe a fat person.
"Look at that fat pie. What a fat fuck"
by Jimprick December 01, 2009
Fresh Vagina
Man I want a slice of her "Pie" today!
by Bak Pak Langoo January 14, 2009
The almighty ruler of eternity.
All hail pie!!!
by Keiryn August 30, 2006
Unlike cake it is not a lie
Pie: Gave you happiness, and joy with every bite

Cake: got you burned in an Apature science non-emergency incinerator... without the cake :(
by PinkishPiePony September 27, 2011

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