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AHHH! the ruler of the freaking universe! bow down to ur ultimate leader! PIE! all kinds of pie... I HEART PIE!!!!! the the greastest random word in the fuking galaxy!
ME!: PIE!!! (screams)
Ebony: fuk Dale ur obsesed u bitch, calm down
ME!: ur just JEALOUS because i am PIE-WORTHY!!!
Ebony: yeh well we'd all be happee 4 u if u were a pie... id eat u.. yum
ME!: id eat u 2 bby, id eat u too...
by xXSlightlyOddGirlXx April 07, 2008
Pooting or coming. when u get off! lol
Boi: that chik makes me poot!
Girl: i so dnt need to no that!
by xXSlightlyOddGirlXx April 07, 2008
PIE! pie is the ruler of the universe! bow down and start worshipping!
the pie's have subtly already taken over the world u may want to show ur alegance =]see ruler of the universe!
by xXSlightlyOddGirlXx April 07, 2008

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