a Kilo of coke
20g fo' that pie
by Bo February 27, 2004
Anything that you might be craving at the time. Being an object, person, place, etc...
Dude, I need some pie.

You'll get your toast buddy.
by Naterade October 11, 2006
an amazingly random and kickass word that refers to a pastry with a dough crust. in between the crust is usually a fruity filling, or if you british or strange, a meat filling. this magical word can also be shouted or said in times of silence or for no reason at all. Can make random songs with the word pie. Can answer any question...ever. Spanish question marks are cool...like pie. anyone who likes pie is a amigo of mine!
1. lets go bake a pie and play jenga!
2. ¿What time is it compadre?
3. ¿What is your favorite color jimmy?
4. PIE PIE PIE PIE LA LA LA LA doo doo doo, me gusta pie.
The food behind the stars

Weebl and Bob
What pie now!
lo bob! you have pie?
me like pie!
Pie is goooooooood!
by Rob The_Writer February 09, 2004
SEX. "pie" is a word used as a cover up word for sex, for when you feel the need to talk about it and you surroundings are not suitable eg there are children in the area.
I had the best pie last night.

Also Pies are good at being devided into 5, so this give you a good way to rate sex

I had 3 slices of pie last night (average sex)

I had 5 slices or pie last night (great sex)

As you know there is also differnt varients of the "food pie" and so there is of the "sex" pie

cheery pie = sex with a vergin
apple pie = sex with an american
frog " = " " a french person
haggis " = " " " scottish "
meat " = " " someone thats 1 mixed oragin
and so on
cow pig = sex with a fatty
slim fast pie = " " " skiny person
mississippy mud pie = anal sex

(meaning varies on location)
by G Ray January 27, 2009
Being soft or sorry or just not being cool
"Wat up bro"
"Nothin jus had to deal wit did pie ass jit who was tryin me"
"Dis Pie ass nigga think he hard"
"I feels ya"
by Jazzi-Babi June 13, 2008
Hey retards! 3.14 is "Pi", not "pie"
These people are clueless
by Stacey March 02, 2004
A pie is a sweet and/or savory thing meant to have filling and meant to be eaten.
Can be pastry or pussy, meant to be filled and eaten.
1:Dude, how far did you get with Jane last night?
2:Well, let's just say I turned her cherry pie into a cream pie.
2:No, delicious...
by greymaster3 June 26, 2011

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