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This is a broad that looked cute as a bug when she snared a man into marrying her. It didn't take long for her to become an abrasive hog....just one or two kids and a few too many cheeseburgers. Now she is fat as a cow and eats bon bons all day. She will eventually divorce him for his alimony and move in with a black or maybe a mexican man.
"Man, that Jimmy married a pie wagon, didn't he? I'm glad I don't have to plank that hog. How does he get his wiener in between those mountains of flab.?
by running out of patience May 18, 2008
A fat chick.
I was beer goggling last night and ended up taking home a big ol' pie wagon.
by MikePBG November 08, 2003
A girthy woman with a penchant for pastry guzzling.
Kenny Blankenship's Nana is a piewagon.
by Josh79 February 27, 2008
a woman with ghastly thick tufts of pubic hair.
that woman is a pie wagon. she has ghastly thick tufts of pubic hair.
by patherpanchali July 27, 2004