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A game such that when you see a car with 1 headlight, you yell "pididle" and hit the roof of the car. Everyone else but the person who called the pididle must take an article of clothing off. Preferably to be played with a bunch of fine ass bitches.
Pididle bitch, take off them panties.
by Jazzy J September 05, 2003
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n. one headlight out on a car
n. lazy or dead eye
"That guy's got some mad pididle."
by Gina January 19, 2003
when a girl has one hard nipple
man that girl has mad piddle
by Loyolalax March 20, 2004
Little splashes of urine when a man slightly misses the toilet bowl.
If you invite Hank over, you might have to clean up some pididle next to the toilet cause he's half blind.
Yelled when a crippled or handicapped person is seen.
by Sam May 05, 2003

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