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Chilean slang for a male erection; an erect and stiff penis. Translates literally as "peak standing."
"Tengo el pico parado de nuevo."
"Vamos a una segunda patita?"
" --Oye, amigui, no se, igual es raro pero estaba bailando un lento con el Ramon y parece que lo tenía parado. porque sentí algo ahí abajo."
" -- Mira no me extraña; este huevon es cara de raja u capaz que haya bailado contigo con el pico parado."


"I have a pico parado again."
"A second leg?"
"-- Hey, dude, I don't know, as rare, but I was slow dancing with Ramon and I stopped because I felt something down there."
"- - No wonder look, this dude's either a crack face or able to have danced with you until you got a boner."
by huevonette November 05, 2013

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