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A person (usually male) who has a fully shaven head that resembles the shape of a pickled onion.
Look at that pickle head mother fucker!
by Denglish October 26, 2010
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Someone who is seldom sober and makes no sense when engaged in conversation. A soft brain due to constant drinking.
That picklehead is being ignored in the bar, don't go near him unless you have time to spare.
by tofino1 July 19, 2003
Dubbed the new 10-lettered C word by profanity historians world wide, this is not a term to throw around the office. According to lore, many a man have caved under the force of such vulgarity. Originating from the german-latin fusion phrase picklaus domeus, then later adapted by the hebrews as picksteinheadstein, this is the most offensive of terms.
That jerk who charged me $500 for an oil change is a complete PickleHead!
by gatointhepants November 18, 2013
A guy who thinks and acts like he's way cooler than he really is.
"look at that pickle head bumpin his music, bobbin his head"
by The weed fairy September 25, 2006
Somebody who has the shape of a head like a pickle
Hey mom! Look at that picklehead I just want to eat her
by booottycall March 03, 2008
one who's head is full of pickles. commonly a term of endearment.
"Tara, you're my little pickle head" said Mike
by Princess Wedge April 08, 2006

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