What a guy says to a girl he wants to hook up wit
1) Do you hang your clothes? Cuz dat bottom's off the hook!

2) If you were a squirrel would you pick my nuts?
by K-Tizzle April 28, 2005
A pickup line is cheesy line that most guys use, and women feel bad for them....
guy: If I could rearange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.
girl:*gives him a wierd look...(thinks thats a horrible pickup line)*
guy:*thinking it was a good look* do you wanna come to my appartment(cause these guys don't have houses)...
girls:*laughs* sure(this is going to be funny/nothing better to do)....
by Amanda69 April 28, 2006
A corny line theoretically used to pick up women.
Most Interesting Man In the World (according to Dos Equis)

"Pickup lines - there is a time and a place fore that. The time is never. You can figure out the place."
by Peetie W. April 23, 2009
a phrase or expression used to "wow" or "win over" a female, deemed successful if it ends in the bedroom area, or any place well equipped for love making.
"Hey baby, how much does a baby penguin weigh? Just enough to break the ice."

- pick-up lines
by lifeoftheparty May 30, 2008
An unintelligent way man or woman tries to pick up a potential mate with a one hundred percent failure rate. Only works if the person is beyond idiotic or has extreme low self esteem issues, i.e sluts or douche bags.
Examples of Pick-Up Lines:

Example 1:

A creepy man in a bar: *Walks up to intelligent, classy woman* "Are you Latina?"

Classy Lady: " Yes, I'm part Mexican." "Why do you ask?"

Creepy Man: "I have always loved Mexican women."

Classy Lady: *Rolls eyes* "And your point is?" "I have had this line used on me before and let's just say it's quit lame and pathetic." "This is why YOU are single."

Creepy Man: *Mumbles expletives because he got shot down, son!*

Example 2:

Trashy Club Slut: *Staggers up drunkenly to an intelligent "Do you eat lots of Lucky Charms?"

Intellectual Man: *Looks at her oddly* "No......."

Trashy Club Slut: "Because you look magically delicious." *wink,wink as she stumbles some more.*

Intellectual Man: "I think you need to sober up, and no thank you."

Trashy Club Slut: *Mumbles and gets pissed because she got rejected, son!*
by MiVidaCocina July 14, 2014
Dialogues you use to pick up hot grills
Tryndamere: Will you be my Ashe if I'm your Tryndamere?

Zac: Damn brah, that pick up lines
by xxxkillmeplsxxx March 24, 2016
something you say to a ho to pick her up for the night but you always regret it afterwards
"I wonder what our children will look like."
by Dick Jones May 28, 2004
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