To Purchase something
Man, I gotta pick up that new e40 cd.
by Graphfix August 07, 2006
General term meaning: To get a phone number, to hook up, to make out with, sleep with.
Person 1: "Did you pickup last night man?"
Person 2: "Damn straight bitch!"

Person 1: "Hey let's go pickup some bitches tonight yo!"
Person 2: "Yeah for sure!"
by James Pickup May 01, 2006
the commonly-used words that precede 'truck', or 'line'. (Duggal, 2010)
The question, "Do you wanna help me unload my pick up truck?", followed by a wink and "It's full to the brim", makes a highly suggestive pick up line.
by musiciananonymous May 04, 2010
To understand what what is being communicated.
Say man, you PICKIN UP all the shit this guy's sayin??

by Joshiro007 February 15, 2003
Kitchen slang, means that an order should be put out to the customer.
Pick up ticket #57
by Shad June 20, 2004
'Pick Up' is a beautiful phrase with various meanings.

The ones most often used are to successfully score with a girl via some line or to get drugs.

In this version, it means to generally do good. If someone needs to get something done fast, they need to Pick Up, or if they say they're going to talk to someone they fancy and that person comes along then they need to Pick Up. More or less it means to just get something done.
Guy #1: So I was thinking about speaking to this girl.
Guy #2: She's right there, pick up.

Girl #1: I only have one more day until this assignment is due in and it isn't done yet!
Girl #2: Pick up!

by Fucking Brah October 27, 2011
1. One of great wealth and/or prosperity. Commonly an anonymous benefactor responsible for spectacular and bizarre donations. Will immediately demand the most expensive room in the establishment, even if it isn't the nicest one. (This derives from the notion of "picking up" expensive items).

2. A slang term for someone who isn't a genius. (i.e. slow to "pick up" a fact).

3. A cunt.
"Look at that pickup over there in his solid gold hat. Who does he think he is?"

"You're a right pickup."
by J A Mboy January 18, 2008
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