A badass party.
Did you go to that pick Saturday night?, I got sooo wasted.
by druking November 07, 2010
In American football, a pick is an interception. Usually the result of a quarterback hurrying a pass due to effective blitzing.
"Picked off! Look out!...Gets past Manning! And it's Tracey Porter, taking it all the way! TOUCHDOWN, NEW ORLEANS!"
by Resa from OK February 21, 2010
Pick is a word used to describe a man who's white and bald who looks like he is a gangsta. They normally shorten their sentences up to pick. These type of people are also known to wear one trousers leg up while riding a bicycle..
Boy 1 : her dad came to pick
Boy 2 he came to pick doeeeee
by Pickk March 12, 2014
The act of obtaining illegal drugs in return for money from someone, usually a delaer or a geezer/lass claiming to be a dealer. These kinldy folk have been known to also accept other forms of reward for their services, i.e. jewllery, car stereo's, pit bulls, playstations, etc...
I got to go pick some draw from that tard at the pub again coz the geezer i normally pick up of got nicked by the filth again! fucking cunts!

Have you picked yet? Well fuckin sort it out you fuckin slack cunt!

Hello kindly dealer man sir, i would like to pick up some of your finest weed if you would be so kind.
by --23--- June 12, 2006
a pick(like a comb)-for boys or girls with a afro or high top-usually used by black boys
yo can i use your pick my hair is nappy asf.
by willll May 18, 2014
an instrument in which people "brush" their hair. mostly people with nappy or afro hair..
Guy one: yo, your head is too nappy!
Guy two: I know i need to pick it out today
by tazzie March 26, 2005
A ride; a lift. From "picked up."
"She hasn't got a car, but if she blows on foot or gets a pick, tail her, alright?"

-Brendan, in Brick
by John Triton January 10, 2008

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