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Phone-in-a-bag. More commonly used as a verb, i.e. "PIABing" or piabing". This is the act of using your cell phone in a sandwich bag, preferably sealed. Works like motherfucking magic for wetness protection. You might PIAB when you want to text or play music while doing the dishes, showering, walking through a fountain or rain at a music festival, etc.

Coined by my little sister, Catherine.
"Nah, I was piabing all day so my phone is fine."

"PIAB time. I gotta shower but I don't wanna miss out on this convo!"
by THX_1138 October 02, 2014
pubic hairs
1. i need to trim my piabs
2. i have a piab stuck in my teeth
by Deb February 02, 2004
The liverpool dialect for "pubic hair".
Used in the notorious game "prove your piabs" where the contestants have to show the top of their pubic hairs to prove their manhood.
"prove your piabs"
by Paul Roche May 23, 2004
anohter word for pubic hair
"that man has a piab head"
"last night i straightened my piabs"
"i plucked out a piab and put it on her head"
"my mate put a piab in my pizza"
"his penis was like a piab"
by Chris Malcolm May 18, 2005
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