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Pi Alpha Phi is Brotherhood. The Fraternity encourages mutual respect, trust and loyalty among its members. The Fraternity creates an extended family that nurtures life-long friendships through the shared bonds of tradition, common experience, and unity.

Pi Alpha Phi is committed to Academic Excellence. The Fraternity creates a studious environment and encourages each of its members to achieve his greatest academic potential. The Fraternity supports all educational endeavors and recognizes exceptional academic achievement.

Pi Alpha Phi is devoted to Philanthropy. The Fraternity is committed to its responsibility to serve others and encourages participation in activities for the betterment of the community.

Pi Alpha Phi inspires Leaders. The Fraternity provides opportunities to fulfill important duties within the organization and helps members develop leadership skills in preparation for their future careers and endeavors.

Pi Alpha Phi strives to promote Asian American Awareness. The Fraternity believes in learning Asian American culture, heritage and history. The Fraternity encourages its members to pass on this knowledge to others.
by since1926 May 04, 2005
The First Asian-American Interest Fraternity established in 1926 at UC Berkeley. With chapters around the United States, they pride themselves on academic excellence, Asian awareness, brotherhood, leadership, and philanthropy.
Q: Which fraternity should I rush for?

A: It's up to you, but I heard Pi Alpha Phi is the best on campus.
by paphieta March 08, 2005
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