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refers to a girl who suffers from overweight issues. the term bake sale connotes directly to the amount of rolls the large girl possesses.
That bitch has enough rolls for every man, woman and child of this village. She is like a damn bake sale. Get 'em while they're hot.
by felix james October 05, 2007
The confiscation of marijuana operations (small or big) by police and authorities in order to fund other department needs (ie- salaries etc.).
Looks like the cops are having a bake sale this week- 5 marijuana grows were raided and 300,000 dollars was confiscated.
by JuxtinOprhan November 26, 2014
Right before leaving your vehicle you let a nasty fart rip and close the door before it has a chance to air out. Upon returning to your vehicle hours later the aroma is still just as strong as it had a chance to bake.
I was going to catch a ride home with John but he had a bake sale.
by NuckFuggets January 08, 2014
a marijuana smoke session
I gotta stop having those bake sales before work, I nearly ate my report.
by mugongocock March 28, 2004
The ongoing activity of a pot dealer

As far as I know, this is my own creation :-D
I'm thinking of setting up a bake sale soon because I'm sick of working at McDonalds.
by mistress of munchies March 14, 2005
When you end up going to a party and your told its free but faggot ass niggaz be chargin' at the door
"Yo man I'm tryin' to get in"
"That'll be ten"
"NAAA man dis a Bake sale cuz they aint nuffin' but twinkies inside!"
by shoobydabs November 02, 2006
The condition one would be in after smoking so many drugs that he/she cannot function as an individual.
Dude 1: "Dude you gotta hand me the bong"
Dude 2: "No way man. You're a f***ing bake sale"
Dude 1: "..."
by loganthepirate August 08, 2005

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