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When you physically or psychologically own the hell out of someone with a telephone. This can be accomplished many ways, you could:

1. Beat the hell out of someone with a phone
2. Hit somone in the nuts with a phone
3. Drunk dial someone important to you and piss them off
4. Prank call somone
5. Etc.

Yeah, the other day I prank called Mike and said I was the cops, he was pissing his pants, then afterwards I threw my cell phone at him and drilled him in the nuts. That was complete phwnage.
by Brian H October 31, 2005
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(Fone-age) v. The act of pwning somebody over the telephone.
* dring dring *
Chris:you remind me of gay!
* hangs up *
by Jackington Bauer April 28, 2006

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