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Anyone who went to college before 1999 knows that "phugly" and "fugly" refer to one thing and one thing only. In the vernacular - and yes, this is crude slang (but this IS web site devoted to 'urban' and not necessarily to 'urbane' language usage)- the word "phugly/fugly" was coined as a contraction of the phrase "fucking ugly." Sorry, "phat" was never part of the equation.
1) "No doubt about it, that was one phugly dude."

2) "I don't know how to tell you this, honey, but your new outfit is... phugly."
by Jonas Moses November 10, 2004
phugly is when someone or something is so ugly that you cant say f*@king ugly fast enough.
She thinks she is so hot when she is so phugly.
by LiquidThick March 05, 2006
Phugly is ugly but in a fun way and with a ph.
My bed frame is phugly because it is totally tacky 80's Miami Vice chic however it is disintegrating before my very eyes.
by kittykat&matt July 10, 2009
A mix between phat and ugly. As in something cool but ugly.
Damn that picture is phugly!
by Apu November 06, 2004
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