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Females vaginal area and often used when talking about oral sex.
"Oh baby, let me finger your phud!"
by ItsJustMeBaby May 18, 2005
An out-of-touch and often senile college or university professor (from Ph.D.).
Dr. Stumblebottom was such a phud that he was found wandering naked in the library, unaware that he had forgotten to put on his clothes that morning.
by benkman July 23, 2006
PHUD is concerned with the well-being of the FELC population. We endeavor to ensure happiness along with satisfied tummies. Working hard to make sure that inclusion from all other companies is heard is our top priority; we encourage voices to speak out and name there wants and desires so that we can best provide our humbles services
I'm in the mood for PHÜD
by valelimon June 06, 2016
Nonsense word used generally by mentally incompetant old bastards.
More prominantly used by people who lack control over their bladder / bowl actions and/or balding reclusive type figures
Oh PHUD!, i have just pissed meself and me witout my sack on too.

Oh, no, just becuse my hair resembles wheatabix, you cant blame me for that 'spliilage' on the floor you phud!
by Werthers are 'Topps' February 09, 2004
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