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Sometimes used to get past word filters. Also used because it's funny.
1.) (CHATROOM) Go phuck yourself!
2.) (FUNNY) Try to make sure they don't see that you have a PHUCKING PSP IN YOUR POCKET!
by wenotworth April 26, 2007
7 109
the act of machine intercourse,
to have machine intercourse

She is phucking her cell phone.
by 3.14thagoras July 11, 2008
153 11
Sexual intercourse with a player from the Phillies.
Dude, did you know she is phucking Pat Burrell ?!
by Nehru G-Unit February 17, 2011
4 33
(verb.) Sexual activity while on pharmaceuticals that enhance the experience.
"Yo, wanna phuck?"
"If you got the pills, I've got the snooter!"

"I stuffed like 6 pills up my ass, then I phucked that bitch."

"Dude, I was phucking this broad for like 8 hours straight last night... didn't even come"
by TheThreeMusketeers November 07, 2009
3 61
Egyptian form of 'fucking'
The Pharoh was caught phucking the alterboy.
by RAFFO November 02, 2003
15 112