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Proper swearing on forms without the four letter word.
That phucker is blocking the passing lane.
You’re phucking banned!
Get the phuck outta here!
Read the phucking sign!
Mind the gap phucker!
by ohshet April 10, 2006
1. geigh method of spelling another word.

2. said word is also a screen or user name for a popular skateboard online forum.

3. person using said name posts boring and meaninless attempts at flaming people on forums.

4. a spineless person that's too afraid to list an electronic mail address in his profile, thus rendering him an anonymous entity. (also see: flamer)

5. more at: troll.

6. very much like the dreaded gayrab. all bark and nothing to backup the bite.
Heather: Like, ohmyGod. That phucker person is SUCH the loser for posting his hatred against positive peeps.

Andrea: I know. He's SO not cool. Typical internet troll mode of operation. Prolly can't keep a gf either. HA!
by Anonymouse April 21, 2005
a prostitute from the city of Philadelphia, PA
That phucker blew me at the Phillies game during the seventh inning stretch.
by cone_bone69 May 19, 2011
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