A exclamation of extreme joy, happiness, pleasure, or elation.
Im totally Phucked right now; I plan on getting phucked tonight; Phuck I feel good!
by Jimmy T-humb April 10, 2008
A way to write the word Fuck.
I guess it looks a little Greek-sounding.
Phuck? Is that A Greek word?
by Chris_K. October 28, 2007
to insult a kid that you know is cool but you don't really like phuck
when you are talking to the coolest kid in school you might say: Hey pal phuckyou
by Jared Carlson January 15, 2005
phuck is fuck becuase phone sounds like fone. so it is the same thing when you sound it out.
ph(f)uck you
by leethaxxor January 29, 2004
Expletive... uh, deletive replacing the verb/adjective/noun/homonym... uh, more commonly used, uh... when such is necessary for, uh... utilization in describing, uh... a thought/emotion/action/object/premonition, uh... concerning the status of one's Physics class, uh, coincidentally taught by, uh... a robot.
Physics is Phun? Phuck Physics.
by Arturo August 26, 2003
A pool term, It means oop! I missed.
PHUCK! That shot woulda owned!
by Cyanyde August 06, 2003
A much funkyer version of the word "fuck".
So U wanna PHUCK w/ mee?
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