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8 definitions by Arturo

An asshole that will cock block you for anything even sheep.
That ass is a freaking sheep blocker.
by Arturo November 24, 2003
the inadvertent stream of saliva that shoots from the saliva gland, usually after you eat something sweet and apply your tounge to the roof of your mouth, (like your saying the letter "L"). synonyms: gleet, or gleek
"The sweet candy made me hoint in my friends eye with the precision of an archerfish."
by arturo September 05, 2005
A word used to describe something when there really is no other way to describe it. EVER.
by Arturo August 26, 2003
Gross mispelling of the word "really," possibly by one suffering from Dislexia.
Wow, you looked relaly good today. I mean, DANG.
by Arturo August 26, 2003
Greater form of 'squish': to crush, crunch, annihilate, smash, or otherwise cause a disgustingly GRUESOME DEATH, usually by a massive falling object.
Wow, that kid really got squeeshed in Final Destination 2.
by Arturo August 24, 2003
(n) A homosexual of Irish descent.
Cameron, stick your thumb in your Gaylic ass and go back to Ireland.
by Arturo September 21, 2005