a really annoying person who texts people even when they ignore the texts.
damn, christine is a real phuck
by killer45000 March 27, 2011
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a homonym to the old school word "fuck" but refers to machine intercourse, instead of genital intercourse. The term is derived from a man named Chris who holds regular discussions called "phuckathons" in Sproul Plaza of UC Berkeley. It's part of an ongoing debate of whether it is better to live in harmony with the earth and someday dying or to live forever in cyberspace as a silicon being.
"Stop phucking your cell phone!"
by Luman October 15, 2007
p.huck means fuck but you can't get in trouble for saying it at school or work
P.huck it
by ZacCaz921 June 14, 2010
One day my f key jammed and I couldn't write anything with the letter f. I solved it by the following post.

Uck the letter that is next to letter d on my keyboard is busted. Its ucked! But don't worry ive worked out a way around this and its phucking good!

Now most of my friends use it. I find its kind of a ladies way of swearing online!
Phuck that!

Im a lady I don't phucking swear.

by Nat-Nat22 May 22, 2014
New species of animal discovered in kew by a crazy philanthropist half duck half pheasant the phuck
Oh my god have you seen that fucking phuck
by Hummy November 24, 2013
A phrase used for when the philadelphia phillies lose.
Friend: Did the Phils win?
You: No
Friend: PHUCK!
by br0s3ff January 07, 2012
What old people say when they play or watch hockey.
"Where's the damn phuck??"
by Cameron July 17, 2004
verb: 1.To Jump On; 2.To Jump Someone
ex. 1 - Bill and Ted phucked on my trampoline last night.

ex. 2 - Bro, see that guy there... Call up the gang we're gonna phuck him and his buddies later
by Maybals Zahary February 22, 2008

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