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People who attempt to sneak into houses and live among the occupants without being discovered. Most phrogs see themselves as “invisible roommates” and try to respect the homeowners or renters by not breaking or taking—although mooching food is sometimes necessary for survival. Phrogs may be recognized by the green string that some of them wear on their wrists.
Anna keeps a list of houses that are good for phrogging and shares this information with other phrogs.
by attic fan July 13, 2006
66 19
Nickname for the military's CH-46/Sea Knight helicopter.
The emergency alarm rang and we ran out to the phrogs.
by Samirra B March 30, 2008
8 1
nickname for the CH-46 helicopter commonly used by the United States Marines.
get on the phrogs and get ready to kick someones teeth in.
by LCPL F April 17, 2013
0 0