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A much more awesome way of spelling the name "Frank". Anything, really, with a "ph" instead of an "f" is much better.
george: So, phrank. I heard you went phishing with Phred yesterday, and caught alot of phresh phish.
jenna: I'm a dirty whore.
George: Phor goodness sake, Jenna. You don't need to spread that shit.
Jenna: sorry george.
by phrank. April 17, 2006
Several individuals exactly alike.
Adjective: Large Ta-ta's, Likes to "bop", Cretin, Champ
"they're cousins, identical cousins, they're Phrank"
by zoe April 08, 2005
To prank call someones phone
Phone(3AM): "ring ring ring ring"
Steve: "ehhh......hello...zzzzz"
Me: "ahahahahhahamwahahahahhahmwhahahahaha I phranked you asshole"
Steve: "eh? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
by Alistair August 13, 2004
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