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When taking a picture with a digital camera, then immediately looking at the back of the camera and O-O-O-O, that was a good one! Usually with a jubilant O-face.
Wow, enough with the photogasms. Just take the picture so we can get out of here.
by Scott Fratelli March 26, 2007
45 11
Capturing a photo that is everything you meant to capture and beyond and becoming so excited when viewing it on your camera's LCD display, you gasp, clench your camera tight and say, Oh. My. God. and let out a deep breath.
Photographer: Oh. My. God. These photos are turning out amazing! I'm so excited, I'm a having a photogasm!
by msamerica941008 March 08, 2011
2 1
the passionate and impure thoughts derived from observing a photograph of a seriously attractive specimen that you've once met.
Abbie- "woah, impure thoughts! That will is just so.... mmmm"
Evan- "i know man, gives me such a photogasm"
by evanabbie June 25, 2011
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