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Exclamation for a slam-dunk in basketball. Phoom!
Did you see that monster slam-dunk by LeBron James? He really phoomed it!
by rhondas56 February 03, 2009
8 0
Elephant flatulence.
1950's London, 2 well dressed Congolese doctors having a corridor debate in a hospital. Its 'phoom', says one. Its 'phoowm' says the other. Nasal English doctor sidles up, I think you'll find it's 'womb'. Nah, mate, they say. You wouldn't know about elephant flatulence.
by BenTheRed September 30, 2005
6 3
the explosion of something
When the lemonade in the glass is forazen it goes phoom.
by 3mo3lmo December 03, 2004
2 3
When something goes "phoom" it is expanding. Instead of saying "expand" you would say "phoom".
The opposite is "soom".
Kassie - That marshmallow in the microwave is going phoom!!!.

Danielle - PHOOM.
by Caree October 15, 2006
3 6