When something goes "phoom" it is expanding. Instead of saying "expand" you would say "phoom".
The opposite is "soom".
Kassie - That marshmallow in the microwave is going phoom!!!.

Danielle - PHOOM.
by Caree October 15, 2006
Top Definition
Exclamation for a slam-dunk in basketball. Phoom!
Did you see that monster slam-dunk by LeBron James? He really phoomed it!
by rhondas56 February 03, 2009
Elephant flatulence.
1950's London, 2 well dressed Congolese doctors having a corridor debate in a hospital. Its 'phoom', says one. Its 'phoowm' says the other. Nasal English doctor sidles up, I think you'll find it's 'womb'. Nah, mate, they say. You wouldn't know about elephant flatulence.
by BenTheRed September 30, 2005
the explosion of something
When the lemonade in the glass is forazen it goes phoom.
by 3mo3lmo December 03, 2004
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