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What happens when you're stapling something and the staple doesn't completely penetrate to the other side of the document, resulting in a staple that has ends bent looking like a wired phone.
Loretta, could I get a better stapler please? This one keeps phoning on me!
by Martin Peck May 23, 2007
8 16
Using the numbers on phones to decode curse words

Ex: 286 = cum
I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face! That's right, I'm gonna 2-8-6 all over your face!
by Mister D October 18, 2004
38 24
The act of inserting your finger into a hole of a man's/woman's body (doesn't matter what hole it is) and saying: "E.T. phone home".
I was phoning that hot crowdsurfer at the concert yesterday.
by Onset_Of_Putrefaction August 18, 2013
6 0
boning on the phone
Hey baby hey, you cool with phoning later? If not I'll prob just call your friend Becky.
by Detective Kernel August 14, 2011
9 12
The act of throwing mass quantities at a person; Similiar to that of medieval stoning.
"Hey, what's with the bruises?"
"Kerry was phoning me earlier."
by D~Ren May 28, 2005
4 17