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When you "answer" your cell phone even though it did NOT ring, in order to avoid speaking to someone annoying (1) who has walked up to you, or (2) called you on your phone.
Phoney calls:


{Annoying person walks up to you and starts talking}
"Hi, how's it going?"

{You} "Wait, hold one, my cell phone is vibrating."
{Reach into pocket, pull out phone, flip it open} "Oh man, I'm gonna have to take this. Sorry. We'll talk later.
{Walk away and fake a phone conversation}


{Someone annoying calls you from a NEW phone number, that you do NOT have programmed into your phone, so you "accidentally" answer it to see who it is}

{Annoying person} "Hi. How's it going?"

{You} "Oh great. Wait. Hey, I got another call coming in, it's pretty important, so I guess I'm gonna have to let you go. Sorry. Call back soon. Bye. {You hang up and NEVER answer that phone number again!}
by Faye Collins July 14, 2009
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Pretending to get a phone call. Phoney calls are usually used in these situations;

1) To pick up chicks

2) To avoid awkward silences/ conversations/ people

3) To look like your doing something at work

4) To look like you have a social life
John made a phoney call to impress the chick at the bar

Sarah knew Alison's breath smelt really bad, so she made a phoney call to avoid talking to Alison
by Lady S. Miles :) December 01, 2009
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