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One of McDonald's failed attempts at widening it's range of appetising meals. This delightful dish premiered in March 2002, but was withdrawn soon after when a customer complained about it's high mango chutney content.
Mam: Fook Dad, your balls taste like I got one of them Phoebe Buffay things in me gob.
Dad: Fook.
by Cobs July 18, 2003
The funniest person on FRIENDS. Phoebe Buffay is the weirdest but coolest person on T
Pheobe Buffay is cool
by Anonymous April 07, 2003
The best friend of the Friends. "Pheebs" was odd but, sexy in her own way.
I would bang Phoebe Buffay if she was a real person.
by a neighbor July 31, 2004