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ddos deny dos flood hack
Hacker slang for distributed denial of service attack (DDoS). An electronic attack whose purpose is to prohibit an opponent the use of a website or an entire system by flooding it with useless traffic, which lags a server offline denying legitimate users service.

A "phlud" could refer to a specific type of DDoS attack with specially crafted data packets via the use of a script or shell terminal, spoofing IPs which make the source of the attack appear to constantly shift in origin, commonly known as "Low-Bandwith DoS."

Although some hackers maintain that "phlud" means phantom flud (ph*lud), which is a DDoS attack that appears to come out of no where and devours massive amounts of bandwidth from a server. It's said this was the type of attack used against Aljazeera.net in 2003 (source: USATODAY) after broadcasting images of captive U.S. troops. While others deny this claim and state Al-jazeera was simply ill-equipped to handle the sudden surge in traffic.
Our servers were brought off-line by a sudden and massive phlud of traffic.
by Alan P. Jr December 22, 2006
a superior emcee
phlud is a dope emcee! lol
by Anonymous June 10, 2003