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leaving a class and never coming back, made by the marina high school (mariners) class of 2009 in history
cj: did matt take the farewell tour yet?
mr. silva: almost.... not yet.
cj: wow
by xcaught_in_the_fall_2009x June 08, 2009
(n). Almost exclusively limited to the rich and/or famous, the farewell tour refers to the media circus that occurs when a celebrity passes away. Recent examples include Michael Jackson and Sen. Edward Kennedy. For the event to truly be considered a farewell tour, the corpse must lay in state somewhere for a short time, then be moved at least once, either to lay in state elsewhere or, ultimately to their viewing and/or funeral service. It is customary for large groups of mourners heretofore unknown by the deceased and family to flock to the stops along the way in an effort to catch a little "contact fame"...
Hey, Michael Jackson's in town for his farewell tour. That guy was HUGE! Wanna go pay our respects?
by pm1960 August 29, 2009