A douchebag who hangs out with anyone that will allow him in their presence. He always has 2 beers or half a bowl of weed that he will "throw in later" but holds onto until he goes home.
Ah who invited Phipps?
#douche #lame #mooch #tips #nips
by Tom Sellick May 22, 2011
Top Definition
phipps is referred to phipps plaza in atlanta georgia which is a shopping mall in buckhead atlanta
aye man im goin down to phipps to get some more clothes you tryin to come
#mall #shoping #clothes #shoes #atlanta #georgia
by young mc the kid boy January 21, 2009
A common name for someone severely affected by the sun. A Phipps will turn lobster-red, suffer sweeping mood-swings, & then seek solitude in a darkened room. This is known to occur annually in many cases, and is more common in foreign lands.
Stay in the shade, you stupid 'Phipps'.
#irritable #moody #burn #sun #holiday
by Matt Owen (Leicester) July 12, 2006
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